Summer Forum: Why the forum?

In an effort to promote effective communication between the town of Nantucket and its residents, both year round and seasonal, NCA has proudly co-sponsored an annual Summer Forum beginning in 2008. The Board of Selectmen and the Town Manager have accepted our invitation to openly discuss concerns and issues with Nantucket residents at the Forum.

This summer’s Ninth Annual Summer Forum was once again a standing room only event.

Be sure to check our calendar and to plan to attend our next Summer Forum!

Highlights of the Twelfth Annual Summer Forum held at the Great Hall of the Atheneum, Monday, July 8, 2019 from 9:30-11:00 am

Attendance: Approximately seventy-five people attended the Forum this year. All Select Members, Dawn Holdgate, Jason Bridges, Matt Fee, Kristie Ferrantella and Rita Higgins, and the Town Manager, Libby Gibson, comprised the panel. Many of the Town’s Administrators were present to answer questions and to hear the public’s comments.

Topics: Each Select Member and Ms. Gibson spoke for a just over five minutes about currently relevant island topics. These topics included the Strategic Plan (by Ms. Holdgate), Environmental Concerns, Sustainability, Water Quality and Coastal Resiliency (by Ms. Higgins), Traffic, Parking and Pathways (by Mr. Bridges), Affordable Housing (by Ms. Ferrantella), Wind Farms, Sidewalks and Gentrification (by Mr. Fee) and current Town Projects and Studies (by Ms. Gibson).

Q&A Session: For about forty-five minutes, there was an active question and answer session. The audience asked questions on a variety of topics including, among other things, Transportation and Roundabouts, Tank Farm Relocation, Harbor Place Plans, Tick Borne Diseases, Our Island Home Plans, Compliance and Enforcement of Quality of Life Regulations, Trash Sorting and Single Use Plastics Ban, Fertilizer Restrictions, Energy Efficiency and Town Government Structure.

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