Our Mission

As a nonprofit organization of year round and seasonal residents, Nantucket Community Association (NCA) is dedicated to sustaining Nantucket’s special and unique qualities.

NCA identifies and researches issues that have a vital impact on the quality of Island life. It expresses its positions in citizen forums and in meetings with Town officials and Island opinion leaders. NCA also provides updates to members during the year on our website and in our periodic newsletters.

Working together for Nantucket’s future, NCA seeks to enhance its positions and avoid unnecessary duplication by working cooperatively with other civic organizations, including the Nantucket Civic League, Nantucket Conservation Foundation, Sustainable Nantucket, Nantucket Land Council, Rotary, Nantucket Chamber of Commerce, and Nantucket Town Association. NCA has no paid staff and is a 501(c)(3) organization relying solely on member support.

Our History

Throughout the years since 1995, NCA has been active in focusing attention on issues relating to its mission. Among these are: Town Finances, Traffic Congestion, including the development of two major studies, Expansion of the Airport and Nantucket’s Comprehensive Wastewater Management Plan (in particular the Surfside wastewater facility) in which NCA filed extensive comments with the Massachusetts Secretary of Environmental Affairs. On these and the other issues, NCA has continued to update both year round and summer residents

Today, we continue our efforts to maintain and improve the island’s water quality. NCA has co-sponsored public forums to report the results of the Town’s water studies and continues to work with the Harbor Master to gather essential data regarding the health of Nantucket’s water. We are also continuing to work with Town officials in the inspection of and upgrading of failing septic systems in Nantucket Harbor and Madaket Harbor. In addition, NCA continues to focus on the impact that widespread tick-borne diseases are having on the health of residents and visitors to the island. We are working with the Board of Health to ensure the accurate filing of reports on the incidents of Tick Borne Diseases at the Cottage Hospital. Additionally, NCA is actively helping to Keep Nantucket beautiful. We have donated new trees that were planted along Broad Street, and we are supportive of the upkeep of the downtown Broad Street area. NCA is also seeking new means of educating the students of Nantucket as well as the community at large on cleaning up the garbage and litter which negatively impact the island, especially during its peak population seasons.

Finally, NCA’s most recent concerns relate to the Wildfire risk on the island. We are currently considering ways that our organization can help mitigate this serious risk to our island.

Officers and Directors

David S. J. Brown, President
Lisa D. Treanor, Vice President
H. W. “Buzz” Goodall, Vice President
Helene M. Weld, Treasurer
Maria Waine, Secretary
Charles Walters, Clerk
Bob Ford
Richard D. Hofmann
Bruce D. Hopper, M.D.
Woody Kay
G. Philip Nowak
William Sherman, Emeritus
James A. Treanor
Dale Stoodley, Emeritus

Notes From Our President